Turnigy HAL Crash!

And here you go. The inevitable crash lol. This video has handheld and FPV video footage of the crash. I am pretty sure one of the ESCs shut off from low power. I accidentally used a 25C battery and the quad was probably drawing around 40 amps. Despite the height of the crash the quad survived mostly intact with just a couple bent arms and one really bent arm. I ordered another kit and should have the HAL back in action by the end of the week. With a 40C battery as well.

Bixler followup.

Well sadly on my maiden flight I lost all aileron control and the plane nose dived. Bellow you can see the video and some pics of the carnage. I put a lot of work into it and it was pretty sad when it crashed.

Not all hope is lost however. Using parts from a Skysurfer and my Bixler I have made a Frankenstein plane with all the long range FPV gear in it. I have done a couple test flights in questionable weather and everything seems to be working great. So expect some videos from the resurrected Bixler soon.

AXN Floater Jet – Clouds Fly FPV with HobbyKing $16 Cam

First off thanks to Bruce over at RC Model Reviews for convincing me that the AXN was a great little plane. It is and I really enjoy flying it. The video was recorded using a fpv backpack inspired configuration also conceived by Bruce. Its running a 1.3Ghz transmitter at 300mw with a custom made inverted V antenna built from IBCrazys designs. OrangeRX receiver and Spektrum Dx6i transmitter. Oh and the super simple OSD.

The camera is the Hobbyking sourced $16.99 pal Sony CCD with a 2.8mm wide angle lens from Ebay. I have heard very mixed things about this camera but found it to be surprisingly functional. The biggest issues were that the horizons in all directions seemed to be emitting brilliant white light giving the appearance of a nuclear blast in the distance. Makes it much easier to pretend its post apocalyptic FPV. It is by no means great but certainly worth the clams.

This is not an endorsement or review. Just an observation.

Hope you enjoy or get some information from this.

Music by me.