Turnigy HAL Crash!

And here you go. The inevitable crash lol. This video has handheld and FPV video footage of the crash. I am pretty sure one of the ESCs shut off from low power. I accidentally used a 25C battery and the quad was probably drawing around 40 amps. Despite the height of the crash the quad survived mostly intact with just a couple bent arms and one really bent arm. I ordered another kit and should have the HAL back in action by the end of the week. With a 40C battery as well.

Bixler followup.

Well sadly on my maiden flight I lost all aileron control and the plane nose dived. Bellow you can see the video and some pics of the carnage. I put a lot of work into it and it was pretty sad when it crashed.

Not all hope is lost however. Using parts from a Skysurfer and my Bixler I have made a Frankenstein plane with all the long range FPV gear in it. I have done a couple test flights in questionable weather and everything seems to be working great. So expect some videos from the resurrected Bixler soon.

Epic Vids 7 – Yellowstone National Park near Grand Prismatic Spring Part_1

Great early morning flight. Was getting my bearings and working with my goggles fogging up. I tried to fly over to the Grand Prismatic Spring but my video transmitter wasnt having it. So I had to turn back. You can however see it at a little over a minute in. Great views of the area with a river and geysers and steam. Looked like the land before time.

Tek Sumo!


Tek Sumo, a set on Flickr.

My brothers first airplane build. Built it himself with a little help and guidance from me. Seems like its going to be a really nice little plane. Sweet build quality and pretty good instructions. Taking it out today. Post flight report to come.